Shin-Etsu Polymer has two kinds of front opening shipping boxes (FOSBs) used for transporting wafers between wafer and device manufacturers. We also make front opening unified pods (FOUPs) for device makers' manufacturing processes. Shin-Etsu Polymer's FOSBs and FOUPs are known for their high quality and reliability in the global semiconductor industry. Click here for details.


    FOUP300EX provides clean and secure wafer transport, optimum automation in integration.

  • MW300GT MW300GT

    300mm wafer shipping box.

  • MW200N MW200N

    200mm wafer shipping box.

  • MW150M MW150M

    150mm wafer shipping box.

  • MW150N MW150N

    150mm wafer shipping box.

  • MW125N MW125N

    125mm wafer shipping box.