This sheet type connector for inspection is anisotropic conductive sheet type, which consists of silicone rubber and metal fibers embedded densely into it.


[Industrial field]

Electronic Components, Semiconductor, Information devices, Automobile


MAF type Inter-Connector consists of multiple rows of metal fibers arranged symmetrically in a sheet of silicone rubber. MAF type connectors are used for extensive applications including assembly or inspection device.



  • Connection between PCB
  • Connection between devices and PCB 
  • Inspection for electrical parts and semiconductor devices


  • It's an anisotropic conductive sheet which consists of silicone rubber and metal fibers oriented densely into thickness direction of silicone.
  • It is used largely from packaging of electronic components to inspection with free shape by punching apparatus.


  • Anisotropic conductive sheet with metal fibers into silicone.

Dimension and tolerance

Item Unit MAF type
Sheet thickness (T) mm 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5±0.05
Diameter of the metal fiber μm 30 (in the edge, gold-plated treated, brass)
Length (L) mm 1.0~300.0
Width (W) mm 1.0~50.0

Outline dimensions

Basic properties

Item     Units Values
Shore hardness A     HS (JIS A) 65~73
Compression set *1) % 30~35
Current Carrying capacity *2) A/mm~{2} 1.0
Contact resistance *2) Ω/mm~{2} ≦0.1
Insulation resistance (DC 500V) *3) 1 x 10~{3}
Dielectric breakdown voltage kV/mm 23~27
Operating temperature range ºC -25~85

※1 3000 hrs, test at room temperature
※2 by 4-terminal method (current applied 1-10mA), calculated by minimum electrode's area of connection characteristics.
※3 DC 500 V is charged at the area between minimum electrodes of connection characteristics (as stated in the annexed paper).

Compression load-compressibility curves

Compression load-resistance curves

Sample size:
0.2mm thick MAF-sheet, 0.15mm2 gold plated electrode


Sample size:
0.4mm thick MAF-sheet, 0.4mm2 gold plated electrode


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