SEPLEGYDA is possible to provide thin conductive layer by coating.
There are many formulations depending on resistivity, from low resistance(10²~10³Ω/sq) to high resistance of anti-static area(10⁴~10¹⁰Ω/sq).


[Industrial field]

Automobile, Wafer back-end process, Display, Energy device, Home appliances,


SEPLEGYDA has High transmittance, lower haze than metal oxides, and excellent flexibility. Hardness can be added according to the applications.



  • Input devices such as touch switches
  • Semiconductor parts transportation materials
  • ESD countermeasures for displays
  • Hard coat film for smartphone protection
  • Electrode materials for electronic parts


  • SEPLEGYDA can be applied to various plastics and glasses and excellent adhesion.
  • There are grades for films and sheets, spray grades for molded products, and dipping grades, and conductivity and antistatic performance can be easily added.
  • Generally, PEDOT-PSS is a water dispersion, but we can have achieved solvent dispersion with our unique technology. There are a wide range of solvents such as alcohols and ketones, and you can select the solvent that suits your applications. By mixing with a resin such as silicone or hard coat, the functional layer and antistatic layer can be integrated into one layer.
  • There are also water repellent and hard coat type available.


We are developing paints that use conductive polymer (PEDOT-PSS) to exhibit various performances.

Characteristic of each grade

Usage Grade Drying Surface resistance
Anti-static ink AS-D Heat 10⁶~ Solvent resistance, Excellent adhesion,
Excellent scratch resistance, Strong to dilution
AS-H Heat 10⁶~ Quick-drying, Moldable after coating,
Strong to dilution
AS-M Heat 10⁷~ Excellent adhesion to glass, High hardness,
Solvent resistance
AS-Q Heat 10³~ Strong to dilution
AS-S Heat 10⁶~ Excellent adhesion, Water resistance,
Alcohol resistance, Spray type
Hard coat ink HC-A Heat+UV 10⁸~ Hard coat
HC-R Heat+UV 10⁸~ Hard coat, Water and oil repellency
Organic solvent SAS-P Heat - IPA dispersion
SAS-F Heat - MEK dispersion
Low resistance ink ASZ-A Heat 200~ High hardness, Solvent resistance,
Excellent adhesion to glass, Durability
ASZ-B Heat 200~ Solvent resistance, Excellent adhesion to glass,
Durability, Excellent light resistance
ASZ-C Heat 50~ Excellent adhesion, Flexibility, Long shelf life,
Durability, Excellent light resistance
ASZ-D Heat 50~ Low VOC, Flexibility, Long shelf life, Durability
OC-AE Heat 100~ Flexibility, Excellent light resistance, pH control
(Development product)
OCK - Electric conductivity
Conductive material, Conductive assistant,
Particle size approx. 2 µm


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