• Medical & Chemical Products 2020/07/08 Medical & Chemical Products

    Based on our own compounding and molding technology of the silicone materials or the many experiences which has been cultivated throughout history, we supply the multiple tubes(catheters) or parts for the medical equipment such as the anesthesia, surgery and dialysis usages.

  • Culture Plugs 2020/07/08 Culture Plugs

    Silicosen Bio-Silico is a sponge plug made using a forming technology and designed for permeable and bacillus-safe test tubes. Bio-Silico is durable, easy to use, and suitable for cultivation.

  • 『Shin-Etsu Sepla Film®』 2020/06/30 『Shin-Etsu Sepla Film®』

    Shin-Etsu Sepla Film® is a super engineering plastic film . It is a non-stretched film made of PEEK, a super engineering plastic. It is available as either a thick or thin film.

    • The high-functioning engineering plastic film