• 『Shin-Etsu PVC pipe』 2020/08/05 『Shin-Etsu PVC pipe』

    Shin-Etsu PVC pipe has a wide range of pipes and fittings for various fields such as tap water, drainage/sewage, equipment, and agricultural water.

  • 『Shin-Etsu Namiita』 2020/08/05 『Shin-Etsu Namiita』

    We have a lineup of Namiita made of Polycarbonate and PVC that makes good use of resin characteristics such as good lighting, light and durable, excellent workability and fashionability.

    • Corrugated sheet
  • Sealing Materials 2020/08/05 Sealing Materials

    We have a lineup of products for bonding, sealing, and repairing various buildings.

  • 『Mizumore Goyo』 『Mizumore Goyo』

    Silicone rubber tape with self-bonding property. Water leakage and anticorrosion measures can be taken just by wrapping it around piping.

    • Self-bonding silicone rubber tape
  • 『Polymer Multi Tape ®』 『Polymer Multi Tape ®』

    Polymer multi-tape is a self-bonding silicone rubber tape in which silicone materials are fused and integrated by pulling and winding. Easy maintenance by just wrapping.

    • Self-bonding silicone rubber tape
  • 『Polymer Ace』 『Polymer Ace』

    Polymer Ace is a tape-shaped sealing material that is not easy to handle with liquid sealing materials. In addition to strong adhesive strength, it exhibits excellent properties unique to silicone rubber.

    • Silicone adhesive sheet
  • 『Shin-Etsu Silico Sheet Type-AD』 『Shin-Etsu Silico Sheet Type-AD』

    Achieves stable waterproof construction with a simple work of simply sticking a silicone adhesive sheet with excellent weather resistance and waterproofness. Since it is a soft rubber sheet, it is possible to handle complex sites with simple tools.

    • Construction/civil engineering waterproof silicone sheet