Our Basic View

Shin-Etsu Polymer recognizes that enhancing its corporate value as a global corporation and proving itself worthy of the expectations and trust of its shareholders and other stakeholders is a basic function of management.
Recognizing this, Shin-Etsu Polymer will take steps to improve corporate governance such as speeding up management decision making, ensuring management transparency and strengthening internal controls, thereby improving accuracy in decision making and execution.

[Basic Policy]
1. Protect the rights of shareholders and ensure equal treatment of shareholders

We will respect the rights of shareholders, ensure equal treatment of all shareholders, including minority shareholders and foreign shareholders, and seek to create an environment in which shareholders can exercise their rights properly.

2. Properly collaborate with all stakeholders

We will endeavor to properly collaborate with other stakeholders besides shareholders, aiming to achieve sustainable corporate growth and create corporate value in the medium and long term. 

3. Ensure proper information disclosure and transparency

We will appropriately disclose information in compliance  with the relevant laws and regulations as well as  proactively providing other information in a way that is easy to understand and useful for users.

4. Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, based on its responsibilities towards shareholders, shall appropriately fulfill its  roles and responsibilities.  

5. Dialogue with shareholders

We will endeavor to engage in constructive dialogue with shareholders, explaining management policies clearly and seeking shareholders' understanding.

Structure of Corporate Governance