Silicone rubber molded product with excellent "waterproofness", "dustproofness", "weather resistance" and "durability". It is a product that also controls the click feeling of the switch and also functions as a conductive component by various insert contacts.


[Industrial field]

Automobile, Home appliances, Mobile phone


Based on our abundant track record, we can provide products designed appropriately according to the required specifications (load, click rate, F/S).


  • Steering switch
  • Power window switch
  • Various switches such as audio switches


  • Design with high click rate and high load is possible.
  • We propose designs based on our abundant achievements.
  • Contact type: Carbon, low resistance carbon, gold plating, foreign matter prevention gold plating.


A wide variety of feelings are realized by controlling the dome shape of the molded silicone rubber. In-house contact inserts are also possible.

General physical properties

Load 0.8-8N
Click rate 0-70%
Stroke 0.8-1.5 mm
Keystroke durability up to 5 million times