• Silicone rubber tubes 2020/07/09 Silicone rubber tubes

    Our silicone tubing, which has excellent thermal/cold resistance, weather ability is also available in transparent Silicone rubber tube.

  • Silicone sponges sheets 2020/07/09 Silicone sponges sheets

    Shin-Etsu Polymer's silicone sponge sheets (for industrial) are proprietary-blend, high-density closed cell, silicone rubber foam sheets with excellent thermal resistance characteristics. These are available in RA grade(Standard type) and CT grade(Soft type) varieties.

  • Silicone rubber sheets 2020/07/09 Silicone rubber sheets

    The BA grade economical type Silicone rubber sheet has excellent thermal/cold resistance and weather ability/compression set properties. The KA grade is a conductive type Silicone rubber sheet containing conductivity imparting parts, such as carbon black, etc., through which electricity passes making it ideal for antistatic materials.

  • Tube of cross-section changed shape 2020/07/09 Tube of cross-section changed shape

    This unique medical tube transitions its profile as it is molded in our extrusion process, resulting in different cross cut shapes on both ends.

  • Office automation roller 2020/07/09 Office automation roller

    Our materials made from silicone rubber, which make full use of our original processing technologies: complex technology, foam technology, and conductive technology, contribute to high performance and environmental conservation measures in OA equipment. These materials are highly trusted and relied on by leading manufacturers of OA equipment, such as Fuser rolls, Semi-Conductive developing rolls.

  • 『EXELAST®』 SE Series 2020/06/30 『EXELAST®』 SE Series

    Rigid and Soft PVC compound that could be molded by various ways such as extrusion, injection, and blow molding.

    • Low friction PVC compound
  • 『EXELAST®』 EC Series 2020/06/30 『EXELAST®』 EC Series

    Thermoplastic Urethane(TPU) compound with various functions such as oil resistance, heat resistance, low friction, abrasion resistance, and flame resistance according to the application.

    • Low friction TPU compound