(JIS certification JIS K 6735)
Creates a gentle environment by cutting heat rays (near infrared rays) from sunlight.


[Industrial field]

Construction, Civil engineering






Snow fence

Bus stop

Factory roof



A highly functional corrugated sheet that has a heat ray shielding effect in addition to the original toughness of polycarbonate. It suppresses the temperature rise of the part where the transmitted light hits and is also effective as a measure against ultraviolet rays. The heat ray absorption type (smoke gray, smoke bronze, smoke amber frost) is suitable for lighting, and the heat ray reflection type (super milk) is suitable for light shielding.

Test method:
Using a tester as shown above, irradiate an infrared lamp for a fixed time (20 min) and measure the temperature change of the thermocouple installed on the black panel.

Each data is a representative value measured by us, not a guaranteed value.

Specification table

Color Thickness Width Depth Number of corrugated waves (reference) Effective width Length Number of packages
Fireproof certified product
・Smoke Gray
・Smoke Bronze
・Smoke Amber Frost
・Super Milk
0.7 655 9 20.5 575 1,820

Color variations

Smoke Gray

Smoke Bronze
Smoke Amber Frost

Super Milk


Polycarbonate corrugated board

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PVC Corrugated Board

(JIS certification JIS A 5702)
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