• Touch switch 2020/07/07 Touch switch

    This is a capacitive PET film with electrodes and wiring patterns printed on it.

  • Touch pad 2020/07/07 Touch pad

    This is a capacitive PET film with electrodes and wiring patterns printed on it.

  • Rubber Contact 2020/07/07 Rubber Contact

    Silicone rubber molded product with excellent "waterproofness", "dustproofness", "weather resistance" and "durability". It is a product that also controls the click feeling of the switch and also functions as a conductive component by various insert contacts.

  • Short stroke 2020/07/07 Short stroke

    Rubber contacts for short strokes.

  • Metal dome 2020/07/07 Metal dome

    Combination of silicone rubber and metal dome.

  • In-mold 2020/07/07 In-mold

    Integral molded parts of polycarbonate resin and silicone rubber.

  • Pressure sensitive device 2020/07/07 Pressure sensitive device

    Device that detects changes in capacitance due to changes in pressure.

  • 『VCF』 2020/07/06 『VCF』

    It has excellent connection stability and is suitable for LCD-board and board-to-board connections, especially electronic parts that cannot be soldered.

    • View/light path control film
  • 『EXELAST SE Series』 2020/06/30 『EXELAST SE Series』

    Rigid and Soft PVC compound that could be molded by various ways such as extrusion, injection, and blow molding.

    • Low friction PVC compound
  • 『EXELAST SX Series』 2020/06/30 『EXELAST SX Series』

    Olefin compound that is used for surrounding parts of automotive window.

    • Low friction TPV compound
  • 『EXELAST EC Series』 2020/06/30 『EXELAST EC Series』

    Thermoplastic Urethane(TPU) compound with various functions such as oil resistance, heat resistance, low friction, abrasion resistance, and flame resistance according to the application.

    • Low friction TPU compound
  • 『SEPLEGYDA®』 2020/06/30 『SEPLEGYDA®』

    SEPLEGYDA is possible to provide thin conductive layer by coating. There are many formulations depending on resistivity, from low resistance(10²~10³Ω/sq) to high resistance of anti-static area(10⁴~10¹⁰Ω/sq).

    • Polythiophene-base conductive polymer
  • 『Shin-Etsu Sepla Film®』 2020/06/30 『Shin-Etsu Sepla Film®』

    Shin-Etsu Sepla Film® is a super engineering plastic film . It is a non-stretched film made of PEEK, a super engineering plastic. It is available as either a thick or thin film.

    • The high-functioning engineering plastic film
  • Anisotropic conductive rubber connector 2020/06/29 Anisotropic conductive rubber connector

    This is an anisotropic conductive rubber connector mainly made of silicone. We assort many kinds of products such as implement uses like LCD or board-to-board connection, inspecting uses using high frequency characteristic and heat-seal connector.

    • "Shin-Etsu Interconnector"
  • 『Shin-Etsu Carrier tape』 2020/06/28 『Shin-Etsu Carrier tape』

    Packing materials for semiconductors, electronic devices.

    • Embossed/Blister carrier tape
  • 『Shin-Etsu Top tape』 2020/06/28 『Shin-Etsu Top tape』

    Heat activated sealing films for cover film of embossed carrier tapes.

    • Top cover tape