September 1960 Founded as 100% subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co.,Ltd.
April 1961 Established Tokyo Plant in Omiya, Saitama Prefecture.
July 1961 Increased Capital to 150 Million Yen.
August 1962 Increased Capital to 300 Million Yen.
June 1963 Opened Osaka Branch, Nagoya Branch and Fukuoka Branch.
September 1963 The Honorable Prince Akihito (Majesty the Emperor Emeritus) visited Tokyo Plant.
February 1964 Increased Capital to 500 Million Yen.
January 1965 Increased Capital to 800 Million Yen.
February 1965 Established Product Research Center.
July 1966 Established Shin-Etsu Unit Co., Ltd.
May 1967 Increased Capital to 1.6 Billion Yen.
January 1968 Opened Sapporo Office.
December 1969 Established Urawa Polymer Co., Ltd.
April 1970 Established Nanyo Plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
September 1971 Established SAN-ACE, Co., Ltd.
November 1972 Established Polymer East Japan Co., Ltd.
December 1973 Established Shinano Polymer Co., Ltd.
January 1974 Established Niigata Polymer Co., Ltd.
October 1974 Opened Sendai Office.
November 1975 Established Polymer Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Memorial truck with decoration of "congratulating <br/>of initial product shipment" carried corrugated sheets.
Memorial truck with decoration of "congratulating
of initial product shipment" carried corrugated sheets.
The Honorable Prince Akihito(Majesty the Emperor <br/>Emeritus) visited Tokyo Plant and impressed <br/>plastics fabricating processes.
The Honorable Prince Akihito(Majesty the Emperor
Emeritus) visited Tokyo Plant and impressed
plastics fabricating processes.

February 1981 Increased Capital to 1.8 Billion Yen.
Established Shin-Etsu Polymer America, Inc.
December 1983 Listed Tokyo Stock Exchange's Second Section.
Increased Capital to 2.67 Billion Yen.
March 1985 Increased Capital to 4.227 Billion Yen.
September 1985 Listed Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section.
Established Research & Development(R&D) Center at Tokyo Plant.
June 1986 Established Shin-Etsu Polymer Europe B.V. in Netherlands.
October 1986 81 of Shin-Etsu Group companies started New Corporate Identity (CI).
October 1988 Established Shin-Etsu Polymer (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
March 1989 Established Kodama Plant in Saitama Prefecture.
April 1992 Opened Nagano Office.
April 1993 Opened Singapore Branch.
October 1993 Established Suzhou Shin-Etsu Polymer Co., Ltd. in China.
April 1994 Opened Hong Kong Branch.
Established Engineering & Technical Institute.
February 1996 Opened Shin-Etsu Polymer America, Inc.'s Atlanta Branch.
July 1996 Established Shin-Etsu Polymer Mexico, S.A. de C.V. in Reynosa, Mexico.
Opened Shin-Etsu Polymer America, Inc.'s McAllen Distribution Center.
November 1997 Established P.T. Shin-Etsu Polymer Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia.
November 1998 Established Kodama R&D Center.
January 1999 Established Shin-Etsu Polymer Shanghai Co., Ltd.
October 1999 Opened Shin-Etsu Polymer America, Inc.'s Detroit Sales Office.
May 2001 Launched "New KSK" Corporate Management Strategy Plan.
October 2001 Established Second Plant of Suzhou Shin-Etsu Polymer, China.
Established Second Building of No. 2 Plant at Shin-Etsu Polymer (Malaysia).
Opened Chugoku Office in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
April 2002 Reorganization started from 7 to 3 business departments.
Established Kodama Research Institute.
September 2003 Reorganized corporate's R&D Center.
October 2003 Established Shin-Etsu Polymer Hungary Kft.
April 2004 Merged Polymer East Japan CO., LTD. and Polymer Chemicals Co., Ltd. and
established Shin-Etsu Fintech Co., Ltd.
May 2004 Established No.4 Plant of Niigata Polymer Co., Ltd.
July 2005 Established Shin-Etsu Polymer Hong Kong Co., Ltd.
August 2005 Established Shin-Etsu Polymer Singapore Pte. Ltd.
October 2005 Established Shin-Etsu Polymer India Pvt. Ltd.
April 2011 Established Dongguan Shin-Etsu Polymer Co., Ltd.
April 2012 Shin-Etsu Finetech Co., Ltd. merged with Shin-Etsu Unit Co., Ltd.
June 2012 Reorganized corporate's Technology Development Headquarters.
February 2014 Established Shin-Etsu Polymer (Thailand) Ltd.
April 2014 Abolished business unit-based organization and reorganized into a function-based
February 2016 Shin-Etsu Polymer Vietnam Co., Ltd. established
April 2016 Reorganized the Technology & Production Unit into the Development Unit and
the Production Unit
April 2017 Shin-Etsu Polymer Co.,Ltd. merged with Shinano Polymer
Co., Ltd. , Niigata Polymer Co., Ltd. , Urawa Polymer Co., Ltd. and SAN-ACE Co., Ltd.
Established Shiojiri Plant,Nagano Branch and Itoigawa Plant
January 2019 Shin-Etsu Polymer Co., Ltd. acquired 100% ownership of  Hymix Co., Ltd. in Thailand.