Global Environmental Communication System (G-Environmental System)

  1. The "Environmental Management Representative" of our Group is appointed, and the Representative represents our Group with regard to customer’s requirements in relation to the environmental quality of our products.
  2. The "Environmental General Manager" and the "Environmental Technical Supervisor" are appointed at each division and respectively manage issues associated with the environmental quality of products of the division.
  3. Submissions of such documents as Green Procurement Survey Responses, Certificate of non-use of environment-related substances, Analysis Data are conducted in accordance with the rules set forth in the Global Environmental Communication System.
  4. Materials with low environmental burdens (raw material, parts/components, packing material, etc.) are purchased from suppliers that promote environmental considerations in accordance with "Green Procurement Guidelines" and "Control Standards of Chemical Substances Contained in Products."
  5. Part of this system is applied to Environmental quality system, Conflict Minerals Procurement Survey etc.