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Plastic tape frame cassette"Shin-Etsu Light Cassette"

Conductive particles generated during processing are eliminated to produce a highly reliable package.




  • Reduction conductive particles
  • Light weight
  • Ease of operation
  • Conformance to SEMI Standard (300 mm dia., conforming to SEMI G77-0699)


Storage, in-process carrying and shipping of plastic tape frame

Product list

Product code and name Remarks
300LC13-01 Tape frame cassette for 12 inch 13 slots
(Option:kinematic coupling)
300LC05-01 Tape frame cassette for 12 inch 5 slots
(Option:kinematic coupling)
200LC25-01 Tape frame cassette for 8 inch 25 slots
150LC25-01 Tape frame cassette for 6 inch (Under developing)

Weight comparison

In the case of 8 inch and 12 inch tape frame and frame cassette, Shin-Etsu Lightframe® / Light Cassette turns weight less than half !

  8 inch Total
Shin-Etsu Lightframe 1.5 kg (25 pc) 2.9 kg
Shin-Etsu Light Cassette 1.4 kg
Ref.Metal tape-frame 3.8 kg (25 pc) 6.3 kg
Ref.Metal frame-cassette 2.5 kg
  300mm Total
Shin-Etsu Lightframe 1.6 kg (13 pc) 4.0 kg
Shin-Etsu Light Cassette 2.4 kg
Ref.Metal tape-frame 3.9 kg (13 pc) 9.8 kg
Ref.Metal frame-cassette 5.9 kg

Proposal for packing of frame and cassette

For safety, Shin-Etsu Polymer provides cassette cover and cushioning material with Lightframe® and Light Cassette

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