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Product code and name Wafer size External diameter Internal diameter Width Thickness Remarks
300LF-EP 300mm wafer 400mm 350mm 380mm 2.5mm Bar-code label type
200LF-FF 8inch wafer 296mm 250mm 276mm 2.0mm Full flat type
200LF-EP 8inch wafer 296mm 250mm 276mm 2.0mm Bar-code label type
150LF-FF 6inch wafer 228mm 194mm 212mm 1.5mm Full flat type

Wafer back-end process

Shin-Etsu Lightframe® has compatibility with the conventional metal tape frame.


By being reduced to half at weight, the transportation energy and the global warming gas (CO2) output are almost reduce to half.
In addition, Shin-Etsu Lightframe® is eco product because there is not environmental load by the plating.
Furthermore, Shin-Etsu Lightframe® consists of the superior resin which can be recycled.

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