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wrapping film"Polyma-Wrap" for business

Polyma-Wrap® (business- used food storage PVC wrapping films) is used in the catering industry for wrapping food in presentation boxes in kitchens in bars, restaurants and hotels. We have released our business- used food storage PVC wrapping films, which uses a plant-derived, biodegradable plastic cutter. In comparison to metal cutters, the plastic cutters are safe, stay sharp and are easy to segregate and discard after use. (Please discard according to your local government laws and regulations.)


  • Stretch and wrap precisely
  • Suitable for microwave ovens and freezers
  • Extensive lineup to choose from to match the purpose of use


Catering kitchens in bars, restaurants and hotels, etc.


Size Film materials Quantity per case Cutter material JAN code
15cm×100m Vinyl chloride resin 30 rolls Metal 4974007170324
22cm×100m 30 rolls Metal 4974007170317
30cm×100m 30 rolls Plastic 4974007170560
45cm×50m 30 rolls Plastic 4974007170577
45cm×100m 20 rolls Metal 4974007170386
60cm×50m 20 rolls Metal 4974007170348

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