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Shin-Etsu Polymer manufacturers Digipaks, a packaging product for CDs and DVDs. We license the use of Digipaks in Japan from Atlas Holdings LLC of America, the original developer and patent holder of Digipaks. Digipaks can be adapted for a range of packaging needs.


  • Digipak is a package designed for CDs consisting of a plastic tray pasted on a high-quality paperboard.
  • A patented product originally conceived by Atlas Holdings LLC, of U.S.A., Digipak is now manufactured and sold in six countries around the world and is a worldwide registered trademark.
  • Digipak has been receiving high praises from a great number of people as a package that inherits the artistry of LP jackets.
  • We are a Digipak licensee in Japan and are meeting customer needs in cooperation with our sub-licensees.
  • Trays for Digipak are available in three types: white, black and transparent (Crystal Tray).
  • Innovative design is possible by combining paper types and printing methods.
  • Use of three-fold type packages and Crystal Trays allows for efficient use of design space.
  • Booklets can be pasted to the package.
  • Discs can be easily taken out of the package.


Analog LP record is an audio recorded on a 30-cm-diameter disk, and the approx. 30-cm-size paper case for the record is the record jacket.

The jacket is never sold alone and the record is never sold without the jacket. Therefore, record and jacket are truly indivisible, creating a tight relationship between the record and the jacket that contains it. Mass production of records also represented a massive spread of jacket art.

Records and jackets, which now exist everywhere in the world today, have been enjoyed by all people as different art work from the music but similar in size. The listener can visually expand the image of the music by looking at the jacket while enjoying the music. It is even possible to imagine the music world contained inside by just looking at the jacket.

Appreciating the record by its sound and jacket art is not merely a visualization of music. It is a comprehensive art in a sense, which might be called analog multi-media. CDs appeared in the early 90's and LPs and CDs coexisted for a few years, but CD came to dominate the market in volume. Production of new LPs has been low since the 90's, but circulation of used LPs is still continuing. Thus, LPs and jackets together will steadily make their way to classical art.

On the other hand, people who love traditional jacket art have been greatly dissatisfied with plastic cases and jackets for CDs. AGI's Digipak was created to solve the dissatisfaction of those people. We believe that only Digipak's beautiful paper CD jacket can meet the expectations of traditional LP jacket fans.

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