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The high-functioning engineering plastic film Shin-Etsu Sepla Film®The high-functioning engineering plastic film Shin-Etsu Sepla Film®

Shin-Etsu Sepla Film® offers the thin, non-stretched film of PEEK resin that is Super Engineering Plastic Film.

  • Non-extend film of amorphous plastics (3-50 μm)
  • Non-extend and high crystallized film of crystallized plastics (6-50 μm)


  • ①Thermoplastic resin film
  • ②Mechanical strength
  • ③Heat tolerance
  • ④Chemical resistance
  • ⑤Wear resistance/fatigue characteristics
  • ⑥Melt processibility
  • ⑦PEEK resin is flame-retardant.
  • ⑧Low water absorbing property (0.05%)
  • ⑨High purity
  • ⑩Heat conductivity
  • melting point: 343℃; glass transition point: 143℃
  • metallic components to be replaced with Shin-Etsu Sepla Film® as a molded resin component
  • stable up to 500℃ or the carbonization point
  • there are no solvents that are capable of
    dissolving Shin-Etsu Sepla Film® (strong sulfuric acid or strong nitric acid can oxidize Shin-Etsu Sepla Film®)
  • uses such as thrust washers
  • fused with metal at the melting point and above Easy to perform ultrasonic sealing (sealing permitted for PET films as well) Welding and printing permitted with laser
  • resistant to hydrolysis even by hot steam
  • no toxic gas generated even under burning


  • Sticky tape
  • Sliding sheets, tape and washers
  • Laser-printed labels
  • Minimum switches: tact switches (press switches) and lid materials (top/bottom)]
  • Speakers
    • Single-layer speakers: high-end audio equipment and speakers for mobile phone
    • Multi-layer speakers: draws attention in use in smartphones
  • Flame-retardant covering for RFID tags
  • Semiconductor process cover films
  • Covering of rectangular copper wire
  • Food handling conveyor belts

Dimensions and specifications

Thickness 3-50 μm
*Thickness to be separated discussed.
Thickness tolerance The average value ±5%
(Measurement methods: compliant with JIS C2330:2010 and IEC60674-3-1:1998, n5*20)
Width 650 mm (-0, +5 mm)
Winding length 3-6μ    2,000m
7-20μ  1,000m
21-25μ   750m
50μ        300m
Core 3 or 6inch (reuse)

Physical properties tabale

Test item Unit PEEK resin
Crystalline/non-crystalline - Crystalline
Specific gravity - 1.31
Glass transition point/melting point 146/339
Tensile module Elasticity MD N/mm² 3720
TD 2940
Yield strength MD N/mm² 80
TD 75
Maximum strength MD N/mm² 135
TD 83
Breaking elongation MD % 72
TD 239
Electrical characteristics Dielectric strength kV/mm 16
Dielectric constant - 3.30
Dielectric tangent - 0.003
Flame retardance (UL94) - (V-0)
Water absorbing property (23℃, 24 hours) - 0.1

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