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compoundsfor Housing & Commodity


  • These are rigid and soft PVC compound for extrusion molding, injection molding and blow molding.
    SE series alloying silicone resin to PVC is a special type elastomer with having a sliding property and antifouling property.
  • It is used for sealing material for a sash and a bathroom.We are able to arrange it to antimicrobial type.


Construction components
PVC window,Sealing material,Material of construction
Miscellaneous goods
Plastic bottle,Vinyl hose

Technical data

Application Part number Basic physical properties Characteristics
Specific gravity Tensile strength
Charpy impact value
Plastic bottle EX-332 1.32 42.0 187 16.0 High-impact
PVC window EZ-212C 1.44 45.0 110 24.0 High-impact
Underground pipe JZ-112B 1.44 55.5 150 6.5 High-flow
  Hardness Specific gravity Tensile strength
Vinyl hose EX-455D 80 1.22 20.5 395 Pliability
Sealing material SE-855 69 1.16 9.3 320 High-slide, matte

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