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EMCHigh-frequency conductive noise suppression『SPINPEDA®

There is a function of suppressing high-frequency conductive noise. Extremely thin suppression layer is intergrated with substrate material, copper foil and coverlay film.
Suppress unnecessary high-frequency noise by locating near target conductor should be suppressed noise without conecting any conductors.
It is possible to optimize pattern layout of suppression layer by 2.5D electromagnetic field simulator.

  • SPINPEDA®copper foil
  • SPINPEDA®coverlay


Construction and specifications

SPINPEDA®copper foil

Noise suppression layer is formed at epoxy resin layer on copper foil which adopts the target conductor.


Noise suppression layer is formed between PI film and adhesion layer.

Capability and effectiveness

Conformity with IEC62333-2, measuered S parameter using 50ΩMSL.

Over a wide range from low- to high-frequency, it shows high transmission attenuation rate.
It is possible that exclude bypass capacitor and support noise suppression for high-frequency band over the limit of capacitor's frequency characteristic.


  • Power integrity : Countermeasure for Power Distribution Network
  • Signal integrity : Countermeasure for reducing crosstalk between power and signal line

Mounting example

Power Distribution Network

(Example of 4layers substrate using SPINPEDA®copper foile to power layer)
By suppressing high-frequency noise parasitic on power layer, it stabilizes voltage power supply.

Sectionnal view

Structure perspective view

Crosstalk exclusion

(Example of using SPINPEDA® coverlay to FPC what power and signal line are wired adjacently)
Exclude influence of the crosstalk on signal line by suppressing unnecessary high-frequency noise parasite on power line.

Sectionnal view


  • high-speed interface substrate
  • semiconductor package substrate
  • optical module substrate
  • image signal substrate etc.

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