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Our many products / Mobile phone

Many Shin-Etsu products are used as various parts of mobile phone. Some of products are presented.


Matched with the design of receiver,easier to handle.
Boot and connector allows space efficient inter-connection.


Based on the design of camera module,we develope the co-molded boot with connector.
Specially designed boot ensure dust proof inter-connection.


Unlike spring based connector,elastomer based connector allows thinner,smaller dia, inter-connection at minimal space requirement with ease.


For B/W and color display,our low compression force inter-connector make an assembly of parts at ease.

Vibration Motor

Low resistance conductor and silicone boot co-molded to easier to maintain one piece construction that allows low assembly height inter-connection with ease of assembly.


Easier to handle with manual labor,one piece connector with boot provide minimal space require to have secure inter-connection.