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PVC Pipe"Shin-Etsu PVC Pipe"PVC Pipe"Shin-Etsu PVC Pipe"

Shin-Etsu PVC Pipe deliver high-quality products and service to tier-one production and quality control organizations including Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) certified production centers, Japan Water Works Association registered plants, Japan Sewage Works Association certified plants in addition to Japan PVC Pipe and Fittings Association and ISO9001, ISO14001 certified manufacturing facilities. In addition, based on our integrated production, business and technology endeavors in comprehensive customer-oriented marketing, we are developing brand new products and enhancing our goods and services.


We procure our principal base material PVC resins from our parent company: Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., to secure consistent product manufacture from raw materials. In addition, our compounding techniques, which have been accumulated and refined over many years, are highly trusted in extruded product technologies. An extensive lineup of straight water pipes, TS water couplings, RR water couplings, DV couplings, VU couplings, TS/RS bends, bonding agents and similar materials.


General household and facilities water supply and drainage, public water supply and sewerage systems, irrigation

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