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View control film『VCF』

Shin-Etsu VC-FILM is louver sheet for view angle control and visibility improvement. VC-FILM is constructed of minute black silicone rubber louvers that are placed in a transparent silicone rubber. Two polycarbonate film is layered on outer surface.


  • The silicone rubber has superior heat resistance and cold resistance.
  • We can perform view angle of wide range(30 to 120),louver angle, cross(double) louver.
  • VCF can select AG/AD and other coating film.
  • VCF can use OCA.


  • Mater Panel,Indicator
  • Car navigation
  • Door mirror


Basic property

Characteristic Item Measured value Unit Test method
Thermal characteristics Bend temperature 126.8 ºC JIS-K-7207
Coefficient of linear expansion 8.0 10-5mm/mm/ºC ASTM-D-696
Heating contractibility TD 0.15 % JIS-K-6735
MD 0.10 % JIS-K-6735
Combustivity SE   FMVSS-302
Mechanical characteristics Extensive strength 300 kg/cm2 JIS-K-7113
Stretch 110 % JIS-K-7113
Delamination strength 1.3 kg/25mm JIS-K-6854
Optical characteristics Ray transmittance 78 % JIS-K-7105

Environmental resistance characteristic

  Change of size L325H250 Change of Light transmittance Change of Chromaticity
L H ⊿⊿x ⊿⊿y
High temperature test
100.0% 100.0% 99.1% 0.001 0.000
Low temperature test
100.0% 100.0% 99.1% 0.000 0.000
High temperature/humidity test
100.0% 100.0% 98.2% 0.002 0.003
Thermal shock test
500 cycle
100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 0.000 0.000
Light resistance test
Detail is the below
99.0% 0.004 0.005

Change of Chromaticity (⊿⊿x(⊿⊿y))=『Chromaticity of After test (⊿x'(⊿y'))』‐『Before test (⊿x(⊿y))』
Surface film :Polycarbonate film 0.2mm thickness
Light resistance test characteristic

  • Test equipment : Xenon arc Weather-O-Meter(Atlas Ci4000)
  • Irradiation method : Continuous irradiation
  • Irradiance : 0.55W/m2(340nm)
  • Black panel temperature : 89℃/Humidity :50%
  • Exposure value : 800KJ(404hours)

VCF Standard spec LIST

P/N Pitch (mm) View Angle (degree) Max total transmittance angle (degree) Surface Film type
VCF1329000-PC200 0.132 90 0 Polycarbonate
VCF1326000-PC200 0.132 60 0
VCF1324800-PC200 0.132 48 0
VCF1329015-PC200 0.132 90 15
VCF1326015-PC200 0.132 60 15
VCF1324815-PC200 0.132 48 15
VCF1329025-PC200 0.132 90 25
VCF1326025-PC200 0.132 60 25
VCF1324825-PC200 0.132 48 25
VCF1009000-PC200 0.1 90 0
VCF1006000-PC200 0.1 60 0
VCF1004800-PC200 0.1 48 0


Every item or numerical value indicated herein is measured by Shine-Etsu and out of guarantee.
The quality of the connector, which bas been already assmblied, is out of guarantee.
Please make sure to see about the purpose/conditions of use and practice your own test.
Industrial ownership like patent doesn't guarantee the usage of the connector.

Product Introduce

We will introduce our products from the automotive interior.

Product Introduce

Example of use

Technical information

Shin-Etsu view control film is used to the mobile phone as "veil view" or as anti-reflection toward windshield and so on. By the use of silicone rubber, it is superior in environmental resistance, optical characteristic or flexibility and highly effective.

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