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Automotive Industry

Shin-Etsu Polymer manufactures an array of automobile products including switch devices, electrical inter-connectors and environmentally friendly compounds. We seek to satisfy our customers' needs for safe, lightweight, and creative products while bearing in mind immediate and evolving environmental issues.

Input device

Shin-Etsu Polymer was the first in the industry to develop elastomer products in response to growing demand from the electronic device market and cell phones, in particular. We have been steadily expanding our keypad business in the global electronics marketplace since.

View control film

Shin-Etsu VC-Film is louver sheet for veiw angle control and visibility improvement.
VC-Film is constructed of minute black silicone rubber louvers that are placed in a transparent silicone rubber. Two polycarbonate film is layered on outer surface.

Wiper blade

Automotive wiper blades using our original silicone molding technologies.

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