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Automotive Industry

Shin-Etsu Polymer manufactures an array of automobile products including switch devices, electrical inter-connectors and environmentally friendly compounds. We seek to satisfy our customers' needs for safe, lightweight, and creative products while bearing in mind immediate and evolving environmental issues.

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Introducing human engineering oriented steering switch and mirror switches to meet demands for escalating of high level of design, diversity, and safety first.
Photo: Keypad “PB Type”
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Molding Compounds

Shin-Etsu compound have high performance for various moldings and sealing products for automotive, high performance wire, etc. Especially, EXELAST series line up unique and attractive materials in olefin and PVC, low friction, anti-weathering, high glossy, excellent compression sets.
Photo: Molding Compounds for interior / exterior
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Shin-Etsu Polymer's silicone wiper rubber products offers increasing water repellent coating to 10-fold with excellent high-speed stability. Patents are filed at Japan and overseas.
Photo: Wiper rubber
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Products > Automotive Industry
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