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Chemical Analysis Center

Our field: from polymeric materials analysis to physical properties measurement.

Shin-Etsu Polymer’s Chemical Analysis Center provides professional services such as composition analysis of polymeric materials, analysis of foreign materials in the products, physical properties measurement of polymeric materials to clients. With enough experiences in polymeric materials analysis technology, Chemical Analysis Center responds to clients’ requests, solves problems and assists with their business growth.

Accredited ISO 17025

Shin-Etsu Polymer’s Chemical Analysis Center was approved as the accredited scope: chemical test based on the ISO/IEC17025 (General requirement for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories) by JAB (The Japan Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment) dated April 11,2001.This implementation has contributed the customer’s confidence through the technical and development support service.

Analysis of additives in the Polymeric materials Analysis of foreign materials in the products Analysis of practical surface Physical properties measurement of polymeric materials
Analysis of polymeric platicizer by LC Analysis of elements by EPMA Analysis of electronics materials by ESCA Weather resistance test by Sunshine Weather Meter
  • Analysis of stabilizer (compositon of organic metal stabilizer)
  • Lubricant, plasticizer, Antioxidant
  • Filler (carbon, clay, mineral ,CaCO3TiO2)
  • Analysis of foreign materials in the resins
  • Analysis of foreign materials in the rubber
  • Micro-FT-IR analysis
  • Analysis of inferior appearance
  • Condition analysis of metal surface
  • Contact fault analysis of electronics materials
  • Environment test
  • Ozone test
  • Impact, bending test
  • Surface roughness test (friction, exfoliation)
  • Weather resistance test (xenon, sunshine, fade)
Trace organic analysis Surface analysis Analysis of trace elements Analysis of elements(Non Destructive)
Trace organic analysis by GC-MS Surface analysis by FT-IR Analysis of trace elements by ICP-AES XRF
  • The Analysis of volatile matter from the polymer (GC-MS)
  • The Analysis of the composition of polymer modifier (PGC-MS)
  • The Qualitative Analysis of osmosis material to synthetic rubber (GC-MS)
  • Surface contamination
  • Resin coating film analysis
  • Laminated analysis
  • Analysis of environmental regulated material (Cd,Pb etc.) compliance with European Regulation WEEE & RoHS
  • Analysis of elements
  • Analysis of foreign materials in the resins (μ-EDX)
  • Analysis of environmental (Cd,Pb,etc.)compliance with European Regulation WEEE&RoHS

Application Procedure

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Chemical Analysis Center
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