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Conductive Polymer (SEPLEGYDA®)Conductive Polymer (SEPLEGYDA®)

This is the conductive ink which uses a poly thiophene-based conductive material. It achieves high transparency and high conductivity.


  • Stable Anti-static performance under the high humidity and heat environments.
  • good chemical resistance
  • multi-function coating (releasability, hard-coat, water repellency with anti-static performance)


  • ESD coated ink for Optical film use
  • ESD of the molded sheet which is used for the electronic component pack
  • For the touch screen and the touch censor film as the transparent electrode.
  • Electrode of the functional capacitor

Transparence anti-static ink

Excellent anti-static performance by thiophenes conductive polymer independent of low humidity.

type series Solvent Remarks
Anti-static ink AS-Q Water Excellent solvent resistance, pH neutral available
AS-D Water Excellent adhesive, pH neutral available
AS-H MEK base Quick Drying property
AS-S Water-MeOH Spray type, Water repellency
AS-M Water-EtOH Hard Coat (9H on glass)
Hard coat anti-static ink HC-A IPA Hard Coat (6H on glasses), organic solvent type
HC-R MEK Hard Coat (7H on glasses), water repellency

Solvent base formulation ink

Conductive polymer with IPA or MEK, available to mix with other polymer materials.

type series Solvent Remarks
IPA base SAS-P IPA Conductive polymer with IPA
Available to mix with other polymer
MEK base SAS-F MEK Conductive polymer with MEK
Available to mix with other polymer

High conductive ink

Coated film shows the high conductivity and flexibility. Some types are available for fine patterning.

type series Solvent Remarks
Coating type ink OC-AE Water-EtOH High conductive, heat curing
Patterning type ink OC-U Water-EtOH High conductive, Light patterning, UV curing



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