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compoundsfor Automobile


  • We have a soft PVC compound for being used for a variety of automotive parts.
  • SE series is a silicone-PVC elastomer with non-breeding type, and it works for low friction sliding property.
  • SX series is a silicone and olefin thermoplastic elastomer.
    It has excellent sliding performance in long term and enables to reduce sliding elastic resistance and prevent squeak noise.


Glass and surroundings
Encapsulation,Glassrunchannel, Weatherstrip
Parking break,Break pedal, Shift knob
Roof molding

Technical data

Application Part number Basic physical properties Characteristics
Hardness Specific gravity Tensile strength
Footrest JD-425B 90 1.38 13.6 267 Matte
Break pedal JZ-445 75 1.30 11.8 360 Anti-friction
Encapsulation JZ-476 85 1.27 13.2 315 Weather resistant, matte
Window molding SE-765H 77 1.22 14.1 430 High-slide, weather resistant
Glassrunchannel SX-590 49*
*Shore D
0.95 13.0 215 High-slide, noise reduction

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