This is an anisotropic conductive rubber connector for inspection by connecting electrode of the semiconductor package and electrode of circuit board, or the electrode between circuit boards electrically.


[Industrial field]

  Electronic parts, Semiconductor, Communication,  Automobile


It’s an anisotropic conductive connector for inspection developed for reduction of scratching to tested electrode.  


  • Developed for reduction of scratching to electrode.
  • Connectivity with low-load and low-resistance value is actualized.
  • Suitable for high frequency characteristic, it is possible to adapt high frequency and high speed devices functioning up to 100Hz/100Gb/s(baud).  


Conductors like hollow tube which are made of gold are embedded into silicone rubber with fine pitch.

Dimension and tolerance

Specification Sample 1 Sample 2 Development Objective
Conductor Inclination 63°
Material Gold
Shap (μm) Φ25 Φ17 Φ15 Φ12
Pi and Ps (μm) 50, 50 32, 50 30, 30 20, 20
Rubber thickness (μm) 150, 250
Rubber hardness 70 -
Maximum size (mm) 30L×30W 17L×45W -

Product Configulation

Initial contact / Durability characteristics


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