Shin-Etsu PVC pipe has a wide range of pipes and fittings for various fields such as tap water, drainage/sewage, equipment, and agricultural water.


[Industrial field]

Water supply, Construction, Civil engineering, Agriculture


Shin-Etsu PVC pipe is a Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) certified factory, Japan Waterworks Association registered factory, Japan Sewerage Association certified factory, PVC pipe and fittings association full member, and ISO9001, ISO14001 certified factory, with excellent production management and quality control, we provide high quality products and services. In addition, manufacturing, sales and technology work together to improve products and services and develop new products based on thorough customer-oriented and market-in efforts.


  • Water supply and drainage for general residential equipment
  • For public water supply and sewerage
  • For agricultural water use"


We procure PVC resin, the main raw material, from our parent company, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., and produce consistent products from raw materials. In addition, we have earned a high level of trust in the compounding technology and extrusion product technology cultivated over many years. We have straight pipes for water, TS joints for water, RR joints for water, straight pipes, DV joints, VU joints, TS bends/RR bends, bonding agents and related products.