Developing plastic materials utilizing Shin-Etsu chemical technologies, Shin-Etsu Polymer is the one company that strives to head the forefront of industry technology with precise molded designs that answer needs of customers we have had for up to and over twenty years, the development of the world's first clean room injection molding factory and analytical evaluation technology at semiconductor levels.


Shin-Etsu Polymer introduces the clean room into the entire wafer case manufacturing processes (a world first). This is a carefully considered measure that will further strengthen the management of chemical contamination from now on while effectively constraining minute particle contamination occurring during the manufacturing process. Using quality management methods and analytical evaluation technology in the same way as the semiconductor process provides for stabilized products of high quality.

Concerning the Environment

Shin-Etsu Polymer's 300 mm state-of-the-art product range is produced amongst clean air and abundant sources of water in the Niigata prefecture. Products are all produced at the ISO14000 certificated factory and are designed to be easily traceable, recyclable and reusable.

Customer Satisfaction

Shin-Etsu Polymer is a global technology organization offering high levels of product quality and stability and maintains high levels of customer satisfaction both within Japan and abroad. Not just settling for this, we give the fullest priority to our customers feedback, continually improving and revising business operations, technology and quality control 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Production Location

In aiming to provide better service to our customers located around the globe, two production locations, one in Japan (Niigata prefecture) and one in Indonesia produce products at completely compatible quality levels (6 inch and 8 inch products as of 2007). While striving to dissolve a potential supply risk, these two factories maximize product distribution in the Asian region.

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