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View angle control

laminated on ATM or personal computer display to control view angle or keep privacy. The film on indicator panel or car navigation display can block any reflection to windshield.

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LCD connection

Suitable for connection to flat panel display such as LCD. Easy-assembly GB-U is for COG. Heat-seal connector which can be easily designed or carbon zebra type such as S/SS are for COB.

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Board to board connection

Replaceable B-to-B type connector which needs soldering, suitable for high current capacity connection.

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Semiconductor/electrical devices inspection

Applied for inspection of semiconductor and high frequency devices. MT series has short conductive route, therefore, is superior in high frequency transmission. The life time is much longer than the other types. Used for extensive applications including CPU or high frequency filter inspection.

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The others

Usable as a protective presser or a spacer.

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