VC-FILM | View control film

Shin-Etsu VC-FILM is louver sheet for view angle control and visibility improvement. VC-FILM is constructed of minute black silicone rubber louvers that are placed in a transparent silicone rubber. Two polycarbonate film is layered on outer surface.

Basic property

Characteristic Item Measured value Unit Test method
Thermal characteristics Bend temperature 126.8 ºC JIS-K-7207
Coefficient of linear expansion 8.0 10-5mm/mm/ºC ASTM-D-696
Heating contractibility TD 0.15 % JIS-K-6735
MD 0.10 % JIS-K-6735
Combustivity SE   FMVSS-302
Mechanical characteristics Extensive strength 300 kg/cm2 JIS-K-7113
Stretch 110 % JIS-K-7113
Delamination strength 1.3 kg/25mm JIS-K-6854
Optical characteristics Ray transmittance 78 % JIS-K-7105

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Environmental resistance characteristic

Test item Test conditions Delamination Discoloration Change of size Bending
High temperature test 85ºC (1000 hours) None None -0.03% None
120ºC (240 hours) None -0.04%
Low temperature test -40ºC (240 hours) None None
High temperature-humidity test 60ºC, 95%Rh (240 hours) None +0.02%
80ºC, 95%Rh (240 hours) None -0.02%
Weather resistance test 240 hours None -
480 hours A little discoloration -
Thermal shock -40ºC (1 hours)⇔85ºC (1 hours)
100 cycle
None -0.02%
Heat cycle 85ºC (2 hours)→Room temperature (2 hours)
→-40ºC (2 hours)→Room temperature (2 hours)
20 cycle
None None -0.02%
  1. VC-908500 is used for all tests.
  2. The sample size for environmental resistance test is 100mm x 20mm.
  3. Bending is measured on aluminum board by a gap gauge.
  4. A sunshine-type weather meter is used in weather resistance test.
    Temperature of black panel is 63ºC.
  5. FMVSS: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

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VC-FILM standard grade

Type Visible angle Louver angle Max. light transmittance angle Thickness [mm] Outer dimension [mm]
VC-128500 120° 0.9 260 x 300
VC-128510 10° 11°
VC-128518 18° 23°
VC-908500 90° 0.9
VC-908510 10° 11°
VC-908518 18° 23°
VC-609500 60° 1.0
VC-609510 10° 11°
VC-609518 18° 23°

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Every item or numerical value indicated herein is measured by Shine-Etsu and out of guarantee.
The quality of the connector, which bas been already assmblied, is out of guarantee.
Please make sure to see about the purpose/conditions of use and practice your own test.
Industrial ownership like patent doesn't guarantee the usage of the connector.

Example of use

Examples of using VC-FILM are presented in Movie.

Technical information

The view control technology by Shin-Etsu VC-FILM
Shin-Etsu view control film is used to the mobile phone as "veil view" or as anti-reflection toward windshield and so on. By the use of silicone rubber, it is superior in environmental resistance, optical characteristic or flexibility and highly effective.

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